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Some years ago in the past life I was a kernel hacker

One of my initial kernel projects was Dallas 1-wire: https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/w1/

I’m still a maintainer, although quite occasional.
It was quite later that I began working with VFS and created Elliptics/PohmelFS, but there was a bit of hardware time.

In particular, I really liked to solder bits to my Matrox VGA card, which had w1 pins available. It used 1-wire bus for some internal control, but since this bus is addressable, one can add any other devices and things will not explode.

Anyway, w1 bus is quite actively used and I created (at the same time as w1 itself, like 7-10 years ago?) netlink interface over kernel connector interface from userspace to kernel w1 bus.
Using netlink from userspace allows to search for devices and perform all other actions with noticebly lower latencies than working with sysfs files.

During time userspace example code was lost and recovered and lost again and again, but apparently people do want to use it to monitor w1 bus from userspace.

So I created a github page with that example code: https://github.com/bioothod/w1
That’s it.