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Elliptics’ leveldb backend got range requests support

Alexey Ozeritsky added read/del range requests into elliptics leveldb backend.

We are evaluating whether Smack backend worth staying in our tree. I created it to compete with hbase ordered columns, while it happens that leveldb makes things even better for read workload (although slower at writes).

Kudos to Alexey, elliptics with leveldb backend supports range requests now. Which means one can run queries like ‘get me all data starting from key xxxx000 upto to xxxxfff’. Although by default elliptics uses hash of the string as a key, nothing prevents users from filling ID (struct dnet_id) manually specifying own keys. They are limited by 64 bytes by default (maximum key size is specified at compile time – 64 bytes were selected because of default sha512 hash function used).