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Touched the beautiful

Visited JMW Turner’s exhibition in the ‘Pushkinskiy Art Museum’.

Turner was a landscape artist, although the most impressive paintings mostly consist of the light and dark games with somewhat impressionistics nature without precise vision of the objects. One says Claud Monet and Camille Pissarro whereimpressed by how Turner passed ahead by the several dozens of years of their style searches.

Although I was not really impressed by the exhibition as a whole, but IMHO there were several outstanding pictures. I mostly liked the ones with lots of fainely painted details of the lights and shadows. I do not regret of the visit and recommend you to see it (until Feb 15 in Moscow).

Exhibition contains more than a hundred of his works (40 pictures, 70 watercolours and twoengravings).

Also was really impressed by the amount of people who wanted to look at the arts of the master – the line was couple of hundreds of meters before the enter and took roughly 1.5 hours to stay. But that worth it.