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Data recovery in Elliptics

As you know, Elliptics includes built-in utility for data synchronization both within one replica and between number of replicas. In this article I describe different modes in which synchronization could be run, how it works and give details on situations when it could be used.

dnet_recovery is the main utility for data synchronization in Elliptics. It is distributed with the package elliptics-client. dnet_recovery supports 2 modes: `merge` and `dc`. `merge` is intended for data synchronization within one replica and `dc` – for data synchronization between number of replicas. Each of the modes can automatically search keys for synchronization or use keys from dump file.

Most of described bellow can be found at recovery doxygen documentation. All doxygen documentation will be published on soon.

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Documentation updates

We always improve our documentation.
Now we added detailed page about elliptics configuration that is available at
Also we added description of dnet_balancer tool that allows to balance DHT ring partition within one group. It can be found at

Monitoring of Elliptics server node

Meet scalable monitoring subsystem for Elliptics server nodes.

Monitoring allows to track performance of various parts of Elliptics server node such as: commands handling, cache, backend etc.

It includes simple HTTP server which provides json statistics via REST API. The statistics can be requested fully or partly by category. List of available statistics categories can be found at http://host:monitoring_port/list.

Monitoring can be extended via external providers that allow to deepen basic statistics.

For more details check out docs: – users documentation that describes how to gather and read statistics – developers documentation that describes how monitoring is implemented and how you can write custom statistics provider.