Acrypto is an asynchronous crypto layer for Linux kernel.
Project is closed because of async API support added to vanilla kernel.

More details can be found on the original page.

Acrypto supports following features:

  • multiple asynchronous crypto device queues
  • crypto session routing (allows to complete single crypto session when
    several operations (crypto, hmac, anything) are completed)
  • crypto session binding (bind crypto processing to specified device)
  • modular load balancing (one can created load balancer which will get
    into account for example pid of the calling process)
  • crypto session batching genetically implemented by design (acrypto
    provides the whole data structure to crypto device, i.e. it is
    possible to use acrypto as a bridge which routes requests between
    completely different devices, since it does not differentiate between
    users, just handles requests)
  • crypto session priority
  • different kinds of crypto operation(RNG, asymmetrical crypto, HMAC and
    any other)

Combined patchsets include:

  • acrypto core
  • IPsec ESP4 port to acrypto
  • dm-crypt port to acrypto
  • OCF to acrypto bridge, which allows to run OCF device drivers with acrypto (for example ixp4xx),
    requires OCF installed.

bd – asynchronous block layer dvice.
It can be used as loopdev replacement, since it fully supports file binding.

Original idea was just to create acrypto test module, but since then it was greatly reformatted.
More details on the old page.