Initial POHMELFS bits

I’m a bit budy with other boring tasks around, so only get chance to hack on POHMELFS today. It is almost 1000 lines of code already, but yet its functionality is virtually near zero.
But I believe all interface for VFS are implemented and I can concentrate on actual interaction with remote elliptics storage.

$ wc -l fs/pohmelfs/{*.[ch],Makefile,Kconfig}
   41 fs/pohmelfs/dir.c
   27 fs/pohmelfs/file.c
  185 fs/pohmelfs/inode.c
   85 fs/pohmelfs/net.c
  104 fs/pohmelfs/pohmelfs.h
   96 fs/pohmelfs/pohmelfs.mod.c
  437 fs/pohmelfs/super.c
    7 fs/pohmelfs/Makefile
   11 fs/pohmelfs/Kconfig
  993 total

# mount -t pohmelfs -o "server=ipv4_addr1:1025:2;server=ipv6_addr2:1025:6" none /mnt/
# ls -laui /mnt/
total 4
1 drwxr-xr-x   2 root root    0 Aug 26 08:52 .
2 dr-xr-xr-x. 23 root root 4096 Aug 26 07:47 ..

File creation does not work as well as directory content reading. It will be rather trivial for start.
Maybe I will even implement server-side scripting instead and will use it for directory updates, so that I do not create leases (in the first release) needed for read-modify-write loop of directory update.

Or (what is more probable) I will just create read-modify-write loop for directory update without server locks, which is rather bad idea from concurrent point of view, but it is the simplest case which can be used as a base for future improvements.

Stay tuned, I plan to create kind of alpha working version very soon!