Automatic tests

Elliptics network got automatic tests to check lots of its functionality. optionally they can be started as ‘make check‘ in the source tree, or manually.
Kudos to Max Dementyev (!

Tests are hairy at the moment, but worked great as a red flag that something broke. All problems found by 5 tests for each IO backend (file, BerkeleyDB and Tokyo Cabinet) were fixed, but still there are some issues to think about.

For example when new server joins the network, it starts reading data requests from its neightbour, which may take a while. But nevertheless all requests will be redirected to the joining node, so it is possible it will not be able to return some data, or will write into the object which will be later synced from the remote node, and its history will not match.

And yet I consider this as a huge step forward getting amunt of bugs it highlighted.