DST has been asked for drivers/staging merge

DST is fully self-contained and really is not expected to get any changes in the future :)

POHMELFS is a bit more complex project, and it requires two exports from the Linux VFS, which are safe as is, but I’m waiting for Linus/Andrew to confirm that (we already talked about them with Andrew some time ago though).

In parallel I’m testing POHMELFS, and while it still shows superior perfromance compared to async in-kernel NFS, one of my systems refuse to mount it. It just says that it does not know ‘pohmel’ filesystem type, not even entering the kernel. Do not yet know what is the problem, but it worked ok with the previous kernel (it was some -rc tree). Will investigate further and prepare the patches.

Also I would like to know what benchmark could be used for the multi-user parallel testing. I use iozone for the single-user load.